Every local PTSA unit and school district has its own issues that affect the safety, health and welfare of ALL children. Your involvement will impact legislation. Please visit the Washington State PTA Advocacy Page to learn more about legislative priorities and other supported issues, participate in discussion groups, and find out more ways to get involved.

The Advocacy Chair for Timber Ridge Elementary PTSA is Corinne Alef. If you would like to get involved in legislative issues that impact our children, school, and public school system, please contact Corinne.

2016-2018 Legislative Platform (Top Five) for WA State PTA:

Your Elected Representatives

Governor Jay Inslee (D)
Residents of Timber Ridge Elementary are represented in the State Legislature by the 5th District Representatives and in the U.S. Congress by the Representative from the 8th Congressional District. Visit Governor Inslee’s page on Education to learn more.

US Senate and Congress

Senator Maria Cantwell (D) & Senator Patty Murray (D)

Washington State Legislature – 5th District:

Snoqualmie Valley School District Board of Directors:

  • Tavish
    District 1, Vice president
    Term: 1/2014-12/2017
  • Geoff
    District 2, President
    Term 1/2012-12/2015
    Re-elected for Term: 1/2016-12/2019
  • Carolyn
    District 3
    Term: 1/2012-12/2015
    Re-elected for Term: 1/2016-12/2019
  • Marci
    District 4
    Term: 1/2014 -12/2017
  • Dan
    District 5
    Term: 1/2012-12/2015
    Re-elected for Term: 1/2016-12/2019
  • Adyar Kumar,
    Student representative
  • Mallory Golic,
    Student representative

Voter Registration

Are you registered for the next election? Register to vote with the Washington Secretary of State here